My Your Our Water

An Intersection of Art & Water

My Your Our Water is a compass conversation.

It is designed to initiate conversation, direct you to resources and guide you to simple solutions no matter your location.

How do you use Your water?

Do you know where Your water comes from?

Do you know where My water comes from?

Who is responsible for the delivery of Our water?

Who is responsible for the safety of Our water?

Is My water footprint bigger than Your water footprint?

Is Our water supply going to last?

What began as a collaboration with Scottsdale Public Art and Salt River Project has expanded far beyond western water worries into global water issues. In October of 2014, Erin V. Sotak started riding a  tricked out tricycle along the 131 miles of the canal path in Phoenix, Arizona with the goal of initiating conversations about water. Individuals that she meets are encouraged to further participate in the conversation in two ways:

                                        1) You are invited to send Your own images or stories about water to be shared on the daily blog.

                                        2) You are directed to visit  the MYOW website for resources that offer simple but real change.

In February of 2015, a 45ft illuminated sign reading, MY YOUR OUR, was launched into the Arizona Canal, a working waterway in Scottsdale. In September of 2015 MYOW headed to Grand Rapids, Michigan. The illuminated sign was launched into the Grand River adjacent to the Sixth Street Bridge. Trike rides occurred along the river front in conjunction with collaborative projects with West Michigan Environmental Action Council In May of 2016, MYOW  began a collaboration with Breckcreate in the Town of Breckenridge, Colorado. The tricycle is conduction rides along the revitalized Blue River Recreation Path that goes through the heart of town. The MYOW sign was launched into a historic dredge pond in the center of town.

In July of 2017, My Your Our Water was selected by the Americans for the Arts to be included in the Public Art Network Year in Review 2017

If you don't happen to cross paths with Erin V. Sotak on the canal or the river front please connect and participate with her here.